Does it fit Audiojungle?
Greetings to all kind and caring people! I need help again.
How can you determine the style of this piece of music?
Does it fit Audiojungle? Or will I be denied a high probability?
What do I need to change or improve? Where to buy a good music production course. How not to lose faith in yourself with the next refusal?
Thanks to all who are not indifferent.

hI Oleh_Slesarchuk;

this piece of music (I guess you’re tried to create something like Dubstep) will catch a rejection. Why?

  • after a 5 seconds intro the song has no evolving
  • you’re using the same six or seven instruments (which are partly layered) in the same way and play the same 4-bar pattern the whole song. The only change in the song is, that you’re adding and subtracting the brass synth and piano.
  • your mix is a bit powerless - I miss EQ-ing of the instruments, there’s no compression or sidechaining (which is essential in this genre). Your mix needs more power and presence.
  • sometimes you brass synth seems to be out of tempo (by example at 01:22)
  • there’s no outro - the song ends like hard cutted
  • your chosen synth presets are unlucky for this genre
  • your drum samples are also unlucky chosen and the played drum patterns do not fit in this genre imho

You’re doing it in the right way. You ask for tips and hints in the forum, BEFORE the song is submitted and get rejected.
Not to loose the faith in your work is the basic requirement to get success here on AJ. For the most of the authors it’s a long way to find the right success genres, to find out the right mixing and mastering parameters and so far. Maybe this genre is not the right for you…maybe. By example: For me it’s impossible to create music for the corporate genre - I’m not talented in this. So I searched for another genres, niche genres which I’m talented in.
If you’re trying to produce a piece of music, I would propose to learn about the genre before you start to produce music in this genre. You asked before, which genre your music is. This question itself is not a good prerequisite because it could imply, that you’re doing something but you don’t know what. Knowing about the genre includes the typical structure of a song and the typical used elements like sounds and samples → and that’s one of the major lacks in your song above.
For music production courses you’ll find hundreds of thousands Youtube videos. It’s time consuming, yes. But for me it’s very helpful if I search for specific learning content. You can also search for paid courses in the web near to your hometown. But I would prefer the Youtube way.