Need help identifying your musical style

Once again, I ask the good people for help here on this forum.
I have been rejected several times, and there is not a single track that would have been accepted for audiojungle.
Often the reason for rejection is generalized and stressful.
I experimented again and I want to upload a new track. But it is difficult for me to define the style and conformity to the audiojungle format.
I really need advice!
Thank you in advance for your recommendations - what style should this song be attributed to?

I think the main issue here is that it sounds like you have a 4 bar loop repeated for three and a half minutes with only very minor changes. It goes back and forth between G and C for the entire song. The drum pattern never builds in intensity. Dynamics are the same throughout the whole track. I would say as far as “style” goes just listen to some tracks that have sold well and see how they evolve and change as they progress. Also pay attention to the instruments they use and try to match in terms of mix balance, stereo field, and overall loudness. The fastest way you can improve in my opinion is by studying successful tracks and learning from them.

Thank you, I will carefully look at the examples, and I try. Probably need more bara’ans, I’ll try to add them to the mix