Does anyone else have a genre problem????

Hi all! I have a question regarding genre identification!

I really love uploading music here, but sometimes I get stuck on what genre my tracks actually fit into.
I know this is a really important topic because if I happen to upload something in the wrong genre it could make it frustrating to potential customers. It could also stifle good tracks from getting attention.

Does everyone here write for a specific genre?
Would it be better if AJ categorized for us?

I feel like I need to move some of my tracks to different categories, but I don’t think you can do that without help from support. Does anyone struggle with this or have any suggestions to offer? This is a rookie problem, but it needs an answer :grinning:

Thanks all!

Sure. There are some weirdnesses in how genres are categorized at AJ, but I think Envato does not change those because it would mess up the whole catalog of music uploaded to this day.

But then genres are just so XX century. :wink: The most interesting things today are all in-betweens and cross-genre. And although the licensing market is the fast-food of music, today’s authors naturally merge everything ever invented before into one melting pot. It’s the technology - the whole world of music genres is inside a small computer.

…And considering how AJ works, I bet moving a track to a different genre will do absolutely nothing.

Haha! Thats probably true :laughing:

That may be the essence of my issue. I never considered genre much before I started writing music.
I think I may be making a mountain out of a molehill :laughing:

It’s good to have some kind of standard so that there aren’t 3000 different genres, half of which are the same thing and Envato, even though there’s some really obvious genres missing has taken it upon themselves to provide that standard.