Does anybody have problem uploading new item today?

Hello everyone!

I tried to upload something (category Logo & Ident on AJ), but I can’t. It is a very first time I have got an issue with uploading.


I thought I had trouble, it wouldn’t stop uploading. I reloaded the page and went to my dashboard and there the new item was uploaded…

I am experiencing exactly the same. After few minutes of ‘Processing’ nothing happens. So it looks like some backend issue.

i have also problem with upload new items today, processing is freeze… and then time is out… :scream:

  • 1 Same Problem here as well.

Same problem with resubmit item.

Same here, endless “processing” while resubmitting my item (changing optional thumbnail).

Some hours ago it was working fine, now it does not.

I had the same problem, I tried to deactivate the “Better Envato” extension (Chrome) and now it works.

Guys, my item has been already processed and submitted. Maybe everything is OK now?

yep. same trouble :frowning:

I had this issue for few hours recently, try changing browser, chrome works pretty well… if not just wait and I’m sure it will sort itself out soon!

AJ working fine

Yep! Everything working now.

An upload of 170MB always fails at 48% no matter if http or ftp transfer.

I have this problem for 1 week I guess. So I upload through FTP. Works nice.

yes i have problem uploading into It just shows processing