Do you think this song is good?

what do you think about this song?

Make more clean mixing to sound bright and expressed !)
And more bass (sub) need to add )

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Thanks a lot for your advice.
Do you think you could help me with some tips about the mix?
How can I make it cleaner?
Thank you .

The point is that each instrument should sound simply without a rever without plug-ins, a pure normal sound.
Then add everything you want to the mixer, it will be a simple and clean sound!
Maybe to much reverb on main synth ?

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Hello! @WildLion_Production
Do you think the mix is ​​cleaner now?
I’ve worked a little, I hope it’s better.
All the best!

Do you see ?
You offed reverb and stand clean )
But , You need now add 2-3 synth (main) progression make layering with out reverb , but add in most main synth little more reverb on 4-7%.

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Hi, I took your advice!
I tried to make a song from scratch and it came out:

Do you think it’s better now, does it have any potential?
Thank you!

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May I chime in? Much, much better, didn’t expect you to improve it this much, that rarely happens on this forum. :smiley:

The melodies are a bit too busy for my taste - too much stuff going on at the same time, but it definitely has potential for approval now.

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Hello @ToneCrate ,
Thanks a lot for your opinion!
Your words greatly help me move on , i fell encouraged .
Thank you again , all the best !

Hey @ToneCrate !
I tried to make a sound automation.
Do you think it’s better now?
Thank you!

dude !
what daw u use ?)

FL Studio ,why ?