Hi! What do you think about this song?

What do you think about this song, is the mix good, has something potential?!
Thank you, all the best!


It has potential, but needs some work.

  1. You have WAY too many risers/noise sweeps. It gets distracting.
  2. I would slow this track down a bit (personal opinion, not a must). It has a happy tropical house vibe, but feels a bit too fast for my taste. Instead of 128, maybe 110-120.
  3. The mix sounds quite clean, but the kick is too hard for my taste for this type of track. Again, personal opinion.

Hello @Flumen ! :raised_hand:
Thank you very much for the advice, I tried to do as you said and went out like this:

What do you think is better now?
A beautiful day! :slight_smile:

Sounds better, although with still too many sweeps for my taste, but I think the main reason it’s not approved is because it sounds too, how shall I put it, random or not catchy and somewhat cheesy. It doesn’t grab the attention, sounds like you improvised a couple of melodies and picked the first one you came up with.

However, your choice of instruments and mixing is more than enough to get you approved, but I’d suggest to spend a couple of hours(days, weeks, years? :slight_smile: ) listening to best sellers here on AudioJungle and then try to rewrite your chords and melodies to sound a bit more composed and catchy. Helluva task, but just listening to other people’s work should get you halfway there I hope. :slight_smile:

Yes, it is better, but still WAY too many noise sweeps/risers, like @ToneCrate said. What do I mean by this? Remove almost all of them. You can use short reverse cymbals more often instead. :slight_smile:

And I would definitely not use a siren riser on a laid back track like this (at 1:00 etc.) It sounds out of place.

The bass is also quite dull, with sidechained whole notes. I would try to find a nice groove instead with a sound with a bit more character.

On a track like this I would also use a swing groove, instead of straight 16ths. That makes you nod your head. :wink:

As for the melody, sure, it’s not the most exciting thing, but I think it could work for a background track.

Hey, guys! :raised_hand:
Thank you for your opinion and for your detailed help!
I’m going to try to get some improvements to this song and I hope it gets better.
All the best!

Hello guys !
I’ve been trying to make some improvements.
Do you think it’s better now?