What do you think about this mix?



Hello !
What do you think about this mix?
Do you think it’s good / bad?

Thank you !


The sound is not bad but maybe would be nice to put more main melody, it’s a little bit boring now, needs some colour to be enjoyable.

Best Regards :smiley:


Thank you !
I appreciate it!


Better to post publically marked version :slight_smile:


I don’t understand what you say.
I don’t speak english very good


I mean it likely makes sense to show your song with watermark added or some kind of such protection.


I understand now !
I’ll do it to .


About mix .
What do you think ?


I’m not an expert myself in mix to judge, nothing critically wrong with sound for me. But I’d agree with HoneyLoud that feels like the lack of development, colour diversity. Now it sounds like a loop repeating, want more events to happen.


Thank you for your comment!


Also a bit more work with start and final: it begins suddenly like from loop cut and ends like the drum machine is switching off. Hopefully it could be a good chilling background track if add some work with structure organizing.


Thank you very much !
I ll take that in my mind !
I ll be back with the song after some improvements !
All the best !


@HoneyLoud , @Ladanauskas
Hey, guys!
Do you think it’s better now?


Hi, the best way (as I do) is to check it under a video of a certain direction, but better if the track would fit under many videos of different subjects. I mean when you watch a video (about which you are calculating this track), then it immediately becomes clear what is wrong, while it’s hard to say, in my opinion more or less evenly, but the melody is not enough (so to speak "skeleton for the ear ") In my opinion it is too robotic and there is no main emotion and mood, but on the other hand it is probably not necessary. I think so. Good luck! … And even if you unload your track here, then put a watermark on it from AJ.


Thank you very much for sharing your opinion!
I tried as much as possible not to robotic, but I came to this result!
In the future I’ll try to do better!
All the best !


Do not forget about the watermark! :wink: You can download it here https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/203269610


Sounds really good! I believe there is not enough variety composition.


Thank you very much!
I 'll try to make improvements,i 'll keep in my mind what you said.
All the best!


Nice sound.


Thank you !
I appreciate it .
All the best !