do you have someone to help =)

Hello dear Authors of Envato. i need your analysis of my rejected track, please listen and share your tips!

In my opinion, the main mistake was that when the melodies begin to play the main arrangement has not changed. Need to change mood: in the early as you have aggressive - marching mood, when is beginning to play clarinet need to remove bass which plays as kick an even rhythm. The sound quality is good on my hearing.

My advice: do not swear on the forum with other authors. Remember that here, all authors are competitors and nothing good will not tell you) Take the track which is popular with customers and do a similar.

Still pay attention to the portfolios of authors who can give you advice. They give advice to other authors, but do not have popularity and sales. Pay attention to the advice of only elite authors.
I say this because it was a personal experience. I was advised for 3 years. The result is my portfolio. It is better to forget about the forum forever. Good luck.


thanks for the advice. you’re right, but some are devil’s lawyers. i don’t swear to anyone, we’re just arguing. :blush:

Hi there dude, it’s not all cloak and dagger. In my case, for example, l comment because l just like music. I hope l have that in common with the artist, therefore communication comes freely. Nothing bad about it. Also, you are expected to have your own mind from start to finish so l don’t know what basis your post has. I’ve noticed one or two authors seem very much anti-author (to save £0.03 per annum for themselves by scaring others off) but those guys are obvious as hell, not clever as you imply lol.

P.S. I don’t think it’s good to just ape others’ styles, in fact l don’t agree with anything in your post, sorry! :slight_smile: