Could you give me some advice?


I got 2 hard rejects. I learning this things on my own. So I got a lot of problem.

In those hard rejects, they didn’t give a specific reasons.

Guys, could you give me a some advice?

Thanks for your listening.

Hi @ter_studio! My first thought is that you can limit the number of melodic themes. 2-3 main-themes tops. And also you can make the melodies way less complicated. Less is more in this game.

Soundwise I recommend A/B listening to popular tracks and try to mimic the sound that sells.

I get the impression that these songs of yours is more of an artistic expression and AudioJungle isn’t the place to try to sell very personal/artistic works.

Buyers are used to certain songs and they are looking for that when they produce their projects.

And therefore AudioJungle review-staff takes that exact fact into consideration when they approve or not approve songs.

Cheers and good luck! :slight_smile:

I appreciate about your nice advice.

I’m gonna start with your words.Thank you so much.

How do you think about mixing, volume and mastering? Is it right?

Mixing-wise you can try more reverb. You can also lower the volume on the drums. Try changing the rhythm on the kickdrum to a steady 4/4. The volume/master is ok.

Musically you can try having a contrasting section in the middle with other harmonies.

Maybe you can fatten up the sound with a synth-pad.

And last but not least, a bass. There are some low-end missing in the track. :slight_smile:

These are just suggestions! :slight_smile: You have to experiment. And as I said earlier. It’s very important to listen to tracks that are alreade approved and selling good.


Thanks to your good advice.

I’m learning this all on my own. So I have to face so many problems.

I really appreciate about your advice. It is really helpful to me.


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Some addition to what’s already been said: the staccato strings sound very mechanical, maybe try a library which has staccato samples.
These pop-rock style drums are an interesting choice for a classical instrumentation. It might work, but it’s odd. Maybe try a more straight-forward rhythm with the cymbal, it could improve the flow.


I’m gonna think about instruments. I have to focus on things you said.

It’s really really useful. I really appreciate of your advice.