Do i need to buy extended licenses for all the assets of the html template separately?

Hi there!

I am new to envato market and really confused about extended licenses.I do understand that i have to buy an extended license if i want to create a product which is going to be sold on the market.

I am planning on creating a woocommerce theme using an already available template on themeforest i am going to buy the extended license for the html template but i am not sure if i have to buy the extended licenses separately for every single asset that the that comes with the template.

For example if the template is using Slider Revolution for sliders do i need to buy the extended for both the html template and Slider Revolution or just the html template extended license is enough?

I know my question is a bit noobish but i am new and find licensing terms a bit confusing. Any help would be appreciated.

regards Danyal

You can’t make a conversion unless you have an extended license for the template AND permission of the original author.

You will need the right licenses for the various plugins and other assets as well - these tend to be extended or some will have their own license for use in themes