Do i have to market my theme outside themeforest or my good theme design will help in good sales?

Before starting developing a wordpress theme i want to clear a doubt that lets say my wordpress is approved and has a great design with great features, will it be able to sell automatically with good amount of sales like these new multipurpose wordpress themes do or i have to market it on google facebook or any other advertising platform to increase my sales or at least start getting enough sales?

If you aren’t developing a Multi-Purpose WordPress theme, then you just will not see the same amount of sales of your own WordPress theme. This is logical.

Anyway, the traffic of buyers here is far from the same as it was 3 years ago or later, so I recommend that you do not wait for the buyers to find you. Help them.

So you are saying is multipurpose themes don’t need external advertising?

No, I’m not. Of course, they are (even with excellent design and clean code). But the first days of sales they will be better even without advertising and promotion. (compared with the usual WordPress theme)

“Marketing” is not an “option”.
“Marketing” is a must, no matter what you do ; whether you are selling chewing gums or a powerPoint template…

The only thing that does not need “marketing” is Fender Stratocaster because of MarkKnopfler.

Unless your item is terrible then you’ll get sales. It’s just that you’ll get more sales if you advertise your content externally. So there’s no specific need to advertise… but if you’re happy to invest the time, effort and money then it’s likely that will more sales than not.

“Marketing” will not guarantee sales ; but “not marketing” is an absolute guarantee for LOW and/or NO sales unless you are “too lucky”. (+ surely there will be exceptions ; but as a general rule this is the way it is)

What i think from my research is what audience will you target for your theme? People who purchase themes are those 1. who create websites for their clients and they already are familiar with the market places like envato and others 2. the completely new ones to online business, when they need a theme they simply google and in search results they get directly to these market places. For example if you advertise on sites related to wordpress, there is hardly a chance those users will purchase as mostly they already have they own already purchased or developed themes.