how i can increase my sales? :(



hi guys
please help me.
how can increase theme sales?
I am sad.
my theme is bad??

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I think a lot depends on:

  1. choosing the right niche
  2. having something special and unique
  3. luck?


Making your portfolio on different websites, not even with what you sell but with things that you create. It’s important to give a good impression with your work then people will search you by your UNIQUE and awesome themes. Try behance, pinterest and others. And also, luck as @wearede said. For example, my first interface on graphicriver is horrible and I did a new one last summer. I was shamed of that gray UI and I loved the new one. Guess what, that old style “Windows XP UI” made my first sale at the end of 2015.


Your theme is not bad at all, but also not a great, in my opinion.
These days the sales are dropping for most of us, except for the popular items, which are selling even better … The Envato marketplace is getting polarized to massive sellers and not-so-good sellers. Before there was a good seller and medium seller, today is grrrreat seller and a poor one …

I symphatize with you, as we are experiencing low sales (not a sale for 3 days now … :poop: )


Yes of course. but i think that in themeforest all themes have a sales.Even 1 times so our themes should have a sale


oh yes LUCK


Yes unfortunately.
you say right


It depends on theme, how useful it is.