I am not getting sales, how to boost sales in ThemeForest?

I am not getting sales organically through ThemeForest, I have a team of designer, front-end, back-end developers, we work only on WordPress themes, maintaining my team’s cost is 8 times on what i am getting right now from sales, from sales i cant even manage 1 man’s salary per month.

How can i boost my sales? What are other people doing to boost their sales? Please help

The entry barrier is very high currently, considering the number of new authors that came to Envato within last 3 years. I think you should have 6-12 months of backup money if you want to get into the game with a team. More themes, more exposure plus emphasis on high-quality multipurpose themes will eventually get you there but it takes time, money and lot of efforts.

Try social media too. What about creating your own homepage about your company and your theme. Boost it with SEO optimizations and what about AdWords? :blush:

I’m facing the same problem on codecanyon. But I won’t give up. My way is to create some more products then I will start with my own homepage refering my codecanyon products.

Gone are the days of organic sales. Now, you need to hire a full time marketer to market your themes.

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its tough to survive in this current situation with a team and building high-quality themes takes time, already burnt out lot of cash, its not worth

that’s true, any reference please you can send at themeroasters@gmail.com it will be helpful

i tried boosting on fb but nothing worked, thinking of doing SEO, do you have any stat of AdWords? how good it is.

Lots of product takes lots of money to built by that time review+development time i see nowhere it is going.

Thanks for your comment.

Sorry for the delayed answer. I think all you have to do and focus on is creating an awesome branding of your company, your team and products. Each beginning is a hard step and won’t let all the money flow it’s way.

Time is all you need. Update and upgrade your products, stay uniquely and take care of your product descriptions and images to push it in the customer eyes.

Haven’t tried AdWords so far. But if you boost your own portfolio website describing your products in a great way focusing for the right given keywords you will for sure increase your sales. But again, it may take time.

Create a newsletter subscription form on your website and keep submitting non-spam advertisement of your products and care about the customer like he’s a king. Wishes for christmas, new year and and… will make him notice you just won’t to take his money but he’s important.

Just my ideas and opinions I’ll start one day. Hope the best for you.

Cheers :blush: