Do I get all images on Rockit 2 Music Demo site please


Am interested in Rockit 2 at the moment.

Do I get all the images on the demo?

Will change them to our own, but they are a good guide for us when making the changes and creating our site.

Also once we buy the site are there any other charges if we don’t actually buy something else?

Usually you don’t have images included although you would need to ask the author.

Noting else needed (except of course your own domain and hosting)

It’s worth noting that this theme is only listed as supportIng up to WP 4.5 which is quite old. This doesn’t mean it won’t work on newer versions but it’s something to consider.

I didn’t notice that.

Thanks for pointing it out.

I will try and check with the author on both accounts.

I am new to WP themes but assume that the actual theme structure is the same as the demo even if the images are not there. It would be just replacing an image of the same size, yes?