Do envatomarket templates provide long term security and ensure site longevity for client websites?

I am considering buying a template on envatomarket to propose it to a client but I have some questions first concerning the template security and viability.
How do I know that the templates are secure, and that they will continue to be updated in some years’ time? Will they remain compatible with the latest Wordpress update?
Are they compatible with the Divi or Elementor page builders?
My priorities are long-term security and the continued existence of my sites over several years. I wonder how the envatomarket templates compare to the use of the bigger theme frameworks such as Divi, Elementor or Genesis in terms of site longevity and security.
Is it recommended to use such templates for the creation of Internet sites for my clients?
Many thanks in advance.

  • Themes are more like complete websites whereas Divi and Elementor are more the building blocks used to create these.

  • Some themes use Elementor but not really Divi. WP Bakery is another popular plugin builder.

  • Themes are tested by envato to ensure they meet the standards so should be secure etc. (although this can be impacted by numerous things beyond the theme itself)

  • Updates are not guaranteed although bigger authors tend to keep their themes up to date.

  • I believe that a huge % of freelancers use themes from here for client work.

In a nutshell, Themeforest offers a great solution. However, anyone posing as a service provider to clients for their websites should be willing to take a degree of responsibility for the project.

If you go with established authors then you minimize the threat of issues, however, given the price of, in many cases, a pro-level complete websites that would cost tens of thousands of $ from an agency, it’s not right for anyone to get guaranteed assurance for years to come

Unfortunately, if your clients want to cut corners then there will inevitably be a risk. As long as you are upfront with clients that you are using a 3rd party template/theme then they are more likely to be understanding if problems do arise.

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Regarding security, all themes are secure because are verified by envato before aprouve.

Ex now envato send to all authors to make their themes secure and high secure using new functionality.

Some authors made, some others not.

We choose to make our themes secure so we recive a badge for our profile.

You can check this badge on author profile and you will now that all his themes are updated and secure.


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Many thanks for your clear and detailed response