DMCA Notice for my item! I need help..



Hello everybody,

If you go to you can see my item which is the featured file of the month but today I’ve received a DMCA Takedown Notice and I’m really afraid about what it will happened to my product. I have worked a lot of months to create my product and today my work was erased.

Why my work can be removed if this is my intellectual property and MY WORK?


looks like they soft-disabled it

you have option to fight back but you are losing the great exposure :frowning:


I’m sorry to hear that your item was disabled,
If you didn’t get an email explains why your item was disabled, you probably need to contact the support team.
Good luck!


Thanks buddy but I think I can’t fight against Sellfy UAB.


Thanks for your answer!


I agree they are big but unless you copied their code, you can always fight back

you already lost it, nothing more you can lose in fighting… utmost you may win thats it.

i can feel your pain but can’t help anything on it, sorry bro

but fight back


Just change your product name and get it back up running ASAP.