Item Hard Disabled after DMCA Notice - Is this a joke?


I’ve worked a long time and really hard to bring my first script to CodeCanyon. Everything is hand made and nothing is stolen or copied. Now I get a DMCA Notice, because my script is using the same name? (used by many sites, It’s not copyrighted). Really? I can’t believe it! They said I copied there concept, but my script is completely different. What are the next steps? Do I need to find a new marketplace to sell my script? I really can’t believe it…


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Copied concept such as facebook cloning snapchat features?:thinking:

Follow the indications provided in the above article.

Good luck!

The concept I’ve stolen: User can sell items.

Thanks! I’ll try it.

Closing thread because only support can resolve this and to avoid any inaccurate advice.

If you follow that link above and speak to support then that will be the best approach.