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As a new author on CodeCanyon, I’d like to know how copyrights work on the Envato platform. I just wanted to check with the community to figure some things out for the future.

Is it possible for another author to steal my work and put it on Envato? If so, when their item is submitted, are the files checked for copyright or would I have to report a request for them to look over the stolen script?

If copyrighted material is found, what actions are taken? Would I need to be the one to take action, with something such as a DMCA takedown notice or will Envato do something about it?

Thank you in advance for your help. Just want to be prepared in case this would ever happen in the future. :slight_smile:

They do check new items for this type of thing, but the reviewers are still human. Every now and then some things may get through.

You would need to send a DMCA notice for immediate action. Otherwise you could send them a report with basic details regarding the original work and they’ll manually review it which will take longer.

Depends on the circumstances. Typically, copyright infringement leads to account termination and a permanent freeze on all unpaid earnings.

Someone will need to report it to Envato if it gets through the initial review process.

Bear in mind that only the copyright owner (or someone they authorize) can legally send a DMCA notice. If someone who is not authorized to act on behalf of the copyright holder sends a DMCA notice, and the recipient decides to proceed with legal action, they are going to run into some serious trouble.

If you aren’t legally able to send a DMCA notice, open a Help ticket with a link to the original work and it will be looked into.

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Thank you for your fast and in-depth reply!

One more question I have is: “Is legal action taken”. Let’s say someone decides to upload work. If Envato finds out that it is a violation of copyright, during the approval process, will Envato take legal action against them? What happens here?

TL;DR: Does Envato themselves take any legal action and notify the original author if they find something?

These are some interesting questions for a new author. :smile:

No, they just remove the item and will likely ban the responsible individual from the marketplaces. Only the copyright holder or a person they authorize can take any legal action for infringement. Envato does not take ownership of your items or copyright in any way.

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Thanks once again for your fast reply! I’m just really serious about keeping my software safe from copyright threats. :slight_smile:

I was talking about this issue with a fellow developer that knows someone from Envato. He told me that Envato “…literally shut down the account, send all the ip address data to the police and any other details that are helpful”. I’m guessing that I’m actually the one enforcing punishment, correct?

Just want to clarify :wink:

Well I’m not an expert in this area and can’t really comment on whether or not that’s true, but if it is, I would assume it’s only for the most severe cases. Yes, action should come from the copyright holder, and any action taken by Envato would be for their own interests.

Maybe a forum admin can confirm this? :smile:

I’d recommend opening a Help ticket to get in touch with the experts. They have a category just for questions like these. :slight_smile:

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