Distortion VST Similar to Camel Crusher?



Just upgraded to FL Studio 12, and looking for a distortion vst similar to Camel Crusher. Apparently it doesn’t work on FL Studio 12 and I can’t find it anywhere. Guess it has something to do with Apple buying it or something. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks


Try to use D16 Group Devastor!
I love this Distortion)
And I also use distortions from the Virtual Mix Rack, It’s my favourite!)


iZotope Trash 2 is pretty good and flexible :slight_smile:


Voted for Trash 2 :slight_smile: I got it on Black Friday, and this plugin is rock’n’roll, it has a lot of cool stuff. And can replace camel crusher for sure


You can try simple, but great and totaly free Gravel.


Try fabfilter saturn👌


Thanks everybody, appreciate the suggestions! I’ve heard great things about Trash2, but it’s kind of expensive. Maybe I’ll have to put that in the “wait till it goes on sale” hat. I’ll check out all the other ones for sure. Thanks again!


I’ve goto one up trash 2 too, great amount of flexibility, within its domain!