Anyone using Slate Digital Everything Bundle?


Really looks like a decent deal… but I’ve heard mixed reviews. Anyone here using it for AJ tracks?


I’m in a similar position than you, but i’m planning the get in. I just don’t know if the time is now.

I think that this discussion begins in a philosophical field: Stock plugins or 3rd party plugins?

There’s a lot of opinions (and good results) on the “stock only” and the 3rd party side.

For me, it’s a matter of personal taste, workflow, budget and necessity.

So, it’s very personal, but if i had to give an advice to anyone, i would say that a hybrid approach is ideal:

First, knowing very well your stock stuff and making great music. Then, you will know really well what you will need.

Plugins are like a big variation of colors for your “music canvas”.

That said, Slate, along with UAD, FabFilter, Waves, and many others, makes great products. Surely will help anyone that knows how to use them.

For me, analog emulations are specially helpful for more acoustic music (rock, folk, soul, funk, classical…).

It’s my case.

If it’s yours, i think that this is a no-brainer deal.


yeah I hear ya! i worked with stock for a long time (2 years) reaper plugins, which are great and i still use. A few months back I bit the bullet and bought Komplete Ultimate 11 which has been amazing in terms of more instruments and sounds to work with, but i fear that it has started a bad case of G.A.S. when it comes to plug-ins!

What brought me to slate everything bundle is the demo I’ve been using of Scuffham S-Gear, it’s just phenomenal for amp modeling and it’s included in the bundle for 15 bucks a month… along with a whole lot of other really cool looking stuff… kinda hard to pass up.

The only thing I’m really worried about is the iLok authorization, I’ve heard lots of people having trouble with it, I’ve been really hesitant to get anything that requires dongles and third party hardware authorization stuff.


Yeah!! I think that almost everything they make sounds amazing.

I’m with you! The S-Gear sounds awesome.

The reverb (Verbsuite) and the delay (Repeater) are also making me think seriously about it.

For me, it’s so hard to hear a reverb and delay that actually SOUNDS GOOD! It takes me a lot of tweaking to get there. That explains the cost of peaces of gear like an Bricasti M7, for an example.

And i hate this dongle thing too. :joy:


I love the Scuffham S-Gear! I bought a year ago and use it all the time. They do a great job of updating with new features and presets for no extra charge. Also have a couple plugins from Slate that I like, but haven’t considered the Everything Bundle because I use many different plugins in the course of a day. BTW, I use the iLOK for a couple plugins that require it. Haven’t had a problem.


Yeah the S-Gear is really the first amp sim vst I’ve used where I really start to forget that i’m not playing through a real amp.

The touch and response is really impressive and I think that’s what set’s it apart from the “plasticky” others. It’s also super simple workflow wise and doesn’t present TOO many options. It just feels closer to working with a real amp all around… love it.

There’s still nothing quite like mic’ing up my deluxe reverb and getting it perfect… but often times it just doesn’t have the sound i’m looking for, or it’s 11pm and the wife is asleep, or for the time it takes… s-gear is coming out more and more!


I used Slate Digital plugin for a few month. A lot of plugin but your just need some. The color is quite good. 15$/month is a good deal with a lot of toys. :smiley:


I think that Slate Digital Plugins sounds more clean :grinning:than others as for a mix as for the mastering.


Got my ilok3 last night and started playing around with the slate bundle. My initial thoughts… it is GOOOD.


I use. … my sales it doesn’t exactly help). they even decreased during the time that I use it)))