Best Free Audio Plugins.

Valhalla FreqEcho - An awesome, simple delay, that can get rather weird with the flick of the “shift” knob.

Tokyo Dawn EQ, Comps - A nice bunch of plugins. Check out Slick EQ, it’s got some really decent features.

Stillwell Audio - So many great plugins here (you can buy a license to make them legitimate and support the dev, but they’re free to download and use). EQs, Compressors, Reverb, Filters, so many choices, oh my!

TAL Plugins - Scroll down and you’ll find some cool synth freebies. Personal favorite is the Roland Juno style chorus, sounds sweet on synth pads.

iZotope Vinyl - Want to make you track sound like it’s an old record? This badboy does exactly that.

Glitchmachines Hysteresis & Fracture - These ones scares me. Can do glitchy/weird/alien-robo-tech all day long. (Click on Free Plugins)

These are just some of my favorites, so please share yours!

(I considered adding these to the “Free Sampler/Samples” thread, but it’s getting a little bloated, and I’m sure there are many more free plugins and samples to continue filling both threads!)

Thrillseeker XTC - Great for adding that extra clarity and detail to the final mix

LoudMax - Excellent brickwall limiter that preserves perceived dynamics (instead of sounding crushed, it sounds surprisingly dynamic even with the volume pushed to the limit!)

Other than these I just use the basic stock plugins that came with FL Studio 12 :slight_smile:

Hadn’t heard of the Thrillseeker, looks cool. (I’ve been long lusting after the Kush Clariphonic for that top end polish, this should tide me over!)

HOFA 4U - great plugins - LUFS meter, goniometer and simple but unique “ProjectTime” shows you how much time did you spend on a project.
Blue Cat Audio - a set of various plugins, a nice FFT Analyzer included.
Melda Production - a set of various plugins with the best loudness meter, IMHO.

Hey guys. It´s been a while after the previous message in this thread but I´ll chime in because making a new similar thread maybe doesn´t make sense.

Not sure if I can label the following list “the best” free plugins but certainly they get a lot of use in our studio. We have a vast selection of commercial plugins but somehow bunch of these freeware plugins end up being used on almost every mix we do.

Antress Modern Plugins
A great selection of equalizers, compressors and effects. Very nice emulations of classic studio hardware units. Some of our favourites are The Lost Angel (LA2A style compressor), The Seventh Sign (1176 style compressor) and Modern Exciter (Aural exciter style tool)

Variety of Sound
A few handy tools, for example BootEQ (a channel strip style eq), epicVerb (a versatile reverb) and of course the great FerricTDS (a tape dynamics/saturation tool). Try FerricTDS for example on your drum bus, it sounds great with rock and metal drums.

Digitalfishphones - Fish Fillets series
Nice dynamics tools. Spitfish de-esser is a common sight in our mix sessions. They also have for example an expander/gate and a compressors.

Camel Audio – Camel Crusher
This is an awesome distortion plugin full of character.

Solid State Logic – LMC-1
The legendary Listen Mic Compressor in software form.

Smart Electronix – DFX RMS Buddy
A handy and simple metering tool with RMS and peak volume information .

LePou Plugins
Fantastic guitar amp emulations. In style of e.g. Marshall, Mesa Boogie and Engl…they just couldn´t name the plugins like that because of license restrictions but you´ll know visually which real-life amp the plugin is trying to emulate. They also have the LeCab plugin that is a easy-to-use cabinet impulse loader.

The Serina Experiment
More great emulations for guitar and bass players. TSE808 is a good Ibanez Tube Screamer emulation and TSE BOD is a Sansamp Bass Driver DI emulation.

Lots of emulated guitar and bass amps and some mixing tools. There´s no official website or even a KVR audio page anymore but you can google your way to some sites where you can download the plugins.

BetaBugs Audio
A wide selection of nice plugins that are maybe a bit ”funkier” than many others. We like especially the PhaseBug which is a phase shifter that works in a “stepless” manner.

Also worth a mention are Voxengo as they have some freeware plugins available in addition to the commercial ones, you can check them out too.

I hope you find some of these plugins useful :slightly_smiling:

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s(M)exoscope is 100% useful plugin I use on master channel in my every project
highly recommend)

I forgot to mention these great plugins in my earlier post…

Especially the “Molot” compressor sounds great. It´s not exactly the simplest one out there but worth your while. Has a very colourful character.

Thanks for your recommendations @8thModeMusic, @AurusAudio, @GreenWindow, @HallaFreakquency and @alexshulgin. I’ve been through and downloaded this I think may suit my workflow and style.

I can’t think of too many freebies I’ve acquired but in the lead up to Christmas each year Native Instruments give a freebie to their email newsletter subscribers. It’s well worth signing up for as their giveaways have been pretty great products (my fave was Replika - a really sweet delay plugin worth $79). This year was Reaktor Blocks. I haven’t got into it yet but I’ve still got the rest of the year before a new free toy comes along.

I’d like to second the voxengo stuff. I use the free Span Analyzer and find it great to work with.

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Some from old forums:

Thanks for all the new suggestions guys! Will be checking these out! :grinning:

Absolutely, have gotten so much use out of Replika. It’s a killer delay.

Izotope Vinyl, now 64 bit and free:

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You was the first =) Yes. his plugins are good, what do you think about “Nova-67P” equalizer?

We don’t have that one yet but will probably try it in the future.

Hi!:slight_smile: iZotope DDLY Dynamic Delay is free until 10 march! (regular price 49$) :slightly_smiling:


Some super nice free downloads from Mercuriall, go get it:

cool! I’ll try it :sunglasses: