The Best FREE VSTs!

Hey authors!
Modern digital music impresses with its diversity and its sound is breathtaking. Yes, we no longer need to carry mebeb own symphony orchestra to record the work. You just need to have a computer, DAW and sample library.
But you have to pay for the convenience. And sometimes, not everyone can afford high-quality instruments.
But fortunately, some developers offer their products to download for free! That’s what I want to talk to you.
I propose in this section to share your favorite free VST. Any new or semi aftor will find a lot of interesting here !
I’ll start first :blush:

My favorite is the free VST library: Victorian Music Box.

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Very nice for free library,
I definetly will check this out.


I am glad to help!

Thanks! Very useful!

You are wellcome!

A great little library, I think I’ll give it a go.

It seems simple but this library sampled good enough and can be used in many types of music.

Great VST! Thank you, CinematicMonster :grinning:

Nice to hear it! :innocent:

Nice thread :smile: this are of my favorites of this month :stuck_out_tongue:



Any of Tokyo Dawn Records, but specially this EQ

This synth

and any of Audio Assault

Thank you @MeGustaMusic! Very useful!

Just to warn everyone - the “free” music box will only work for 20 minutes.

Remember Nord Lead 2 from -95?


This is a clone of that one, it’s only 0,7 mb but can develop a really mellow sound if one find a good preset bank on google

Not if you own the full version of Kontakt…

Anything by Variety of Sound. Density MKIII is unbelievable for spatial presence:

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Camelcrusher from the now defunkt Camel Audio - its brilliant for percussion and hihats, use it in every track

also MDA Image, I use it in every track for fast widening or narrowing of the stereo field - works a charm

oh yes, thanks, my mistake!

There used to be thr exact same thread for a couple of years on the old forums, it should be revived.

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Agreed - I amassed a lo of good libraries from going back through that thread. The best one being Piano in 162:

very nice, thanks for sharing :wink: