Name your top VST Plugins and Instruments!!

Interested to hear what VST’s producers use on a regular basis?

some of my favorites right now are:

Softube Tube-Tech CL 18
Sound toys Decapitator
Lexicon Reverb
WOW2 filter
D16 Redoptor
Fabfilter Bundle
Sylenth, FM8, Massive & Kontakt
Ozone 5

There are many more I like to use but these are some of the top ones for me at the moment.


Favorites is (effect plugins)
Vari Comp
Waves J37
Toneboosters ReelBus
Ozone 6
TrackS Stealth Limiter
Softube RC48 / RC24
NI Supercharger GT
NI Transient Master

my favorite is Nexus 2 - great for making sketches,
and Line6 Podfarm 2 for FX

ProQ 2 (an absolute must have)
TDR Kotelnikov
Lexicon PCM (although it’s not as good as the hardware)
QL Spaces
Slate VCC

I hear lots of good things about T-Racks.

Marshall amp :smiley:

T-racks is cool for mastering, been a looong long time since I’ve used it though! Need to get the slate plug-ins at some point as well, they use them at the studio I used to work at for a bit of post processing and they’re awesome!


DSP Processing:
All the Slate stuff
2caudio - Aether
Plug and Mix’s - Clarisonix

Virtual Instruments:
Vir2’s Apollo
Berlin Strings
True Keys

and…I just got Komplete so I’m sure I could add a bunch more to this list once I go through all that stuff!

Synth1 - best free synth.


NI Guitar Rig 5

Constantly used
VST Plugins:
iZotope Alloy2 / Ozone 4/6
Art Acoustic Reverb
Sonitus:fx Delay
OhmForce OhmBoyZ
NI Guitar Rig 5

VST Instruments:
Spectrasonics Omnisphere, Trilian, Stylus RMX
NI Kontakt with Komplete Ultimate 10 Libraries
XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2

All about my Home Studio is here

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Go-to Plugins:
Fabfilter ProQ2 + ProL + ProMB
Slate Digital VBC + VMR
NI Transient Master
Lexicon Reverbs
Valhalla VintageVerb

Go-to Instruments:
Camel Audio Alchemy
NI Massive + Battery 4 + Reaktor 5 + various Kontakt 5 libraries
Pluginboutique Virtual CZ + Carbon Elektra

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Agree with @Grivanov Omnisphere and Trillian is a best virtual instruments for me too!!
NI Guitar Rig 5
BFD drums
Kontakt !!
Grand (for Kontakt)

mmm need to start using alchemy again, i liked the granular modules a lot

I don’t use VST’s , I use Rack Extensions :sunglasses:

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You using Reason? I would probably still use it if they allowed 3rd party plugins to operate

just checked out this video, very cool!


Well , they did actually .

The Reason Shop opened a while ago . Reason Extensions are the plugins of Reason , and for a while everybody can make and sell Reason Extensions . SO yes , 3rd party is available . . They already made some famous VST’s into plugins . The Reason Shop is like a RE mega-mall now , impossible not to find what you need/like .

As I said , everybody should use what they like . I am one of those who got tired of VST's and found a much better solution for me .

yeah I stopped using Reason 5 a while ago and moved onto Cubase, now using logic and protools. Since then Reason has improved a lot , notably the ablility to drop audio files into the sequencer now, which was why i left Reason 5 in the first place. A friend showed me a few cool rack extensions but i’m still inclined to using Logic, and you can’t beat Protools for tracking! Doesn’t mean they’re any better than Reason though it’s just a personal preference for me now!

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Yeah!! I saw it video early!! Good man and excellent keyboardist! I respect him very much! He has a lot of different reviews of unusual gadgets :slight_smile: