Some thoughts.

Wanna “clean” Audiojungle? Start asking people for proof of licensed software used in their tracks. Lol

i dont mind about people who dont have money to write some tracks and then buy a licensed DAW and vsts !

Would you mind if I took your tracks for free and used them and maybe made some money off of them?

there are ways to find out ! so i dont really bother so much ! no if you are not the creator of those software you shouldnt bother either ! when i started my music i had some cracked stuff too ! all of us did too ! :smiley:

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Say it to camel audio :slight_smile:

i dont use camel audio so … ! i am a proud owner of pro tools eleven , komplete 10 and waves ! soon UAD !

“Any samples, loops, vocals or other assets that are not my own work, have been appropriately licensed for use in the file preview or main download. Other than these items, this work is entirely my own and I have full rights to sell it on AudioJungle. Failure to comply with this policy may result in your file being removed or your account disabled.”

I bet a lot of authors here can’t comply with this!!!

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very nice i ll use it for sure