Displaying Envato Items

Hey guys, i was just wondering what is the process for me to display Envato items on my website? Like i dont want to reference envato market at all, i just want to display their items. If my client choses one of the templates, then i go and buy it from here.
Has anyone dealt with the same thing? could you give me more info if i can actually do so, if yes under what terms and etc.
P.S please give a human answer, the one that you brain is capable of producing rather than reffering me to a page to read something etc.

yea use the API to pull in a list of items, display the thumbnails and even a link to the live demo if you want to. note that a lot of live demos will mention envato here or there.

we had a similar signup wizard where a user would select from 20 or so themes that we had vetted and we would go and purchase the license after signup

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But why do they say that its not allowed to do so. Like if i do live-demos and remove the bar that says Envato Market will it be okay? how does the process go about it, like i dont want my client to pay to envato. I’d like my client to pay me first, and then i go envato and buy what they want and give it to them. Like lets say i put the price (600$) for this website and then i customise it for the client.
Could you give me more info on how to get it done, and what obstacles i might face?

Needless to say the API method above is the right way to do this.

The only reason why I can see someone would want to link to non official demos without any envato mentions would be if you were completely trying to disguise the fact that it is a theme or template.

Aside from the moral dishonesty in doing that it is a very very unwise business model for numerous reasons…

  • you will look very silly and could face a serious backlash if the client ever finds out that it was a template.

  • likewise if for some reason it is being positioned as a bespoke job and a feature can’t be added for whatever reason then that will take some serious explaining?

  • if you buy it and part ways from the client then they will never have access to updates etc. As these are only available from the purchasing account.

  • in the terms you cannot just download a file and host the demo as it is with the intention of selling it even with edits (besides you would need to buy a lot of files to do this!).

  • under licensing if you buy a file and edit it for a client, for them to then use it legally you will need to transfer/supply the license to them. That’s going to tell them it’s a template.

There is more but these would be the main reasons why misleading clients is a terrible idea.

There is nothing wrong or in any way unreasonable to be upfront that it’s a template starter and that the $600 is a charge to customise the site to their needs and requirements (after all most of the sites and themes here are worth well into the thousands if they were custom built).

your answer made me think like “mama im a criminal” :)) Of course i would say its a template, its just for the design purposes i think its ugly to have a bar from Envato market, considering the interface where i want to display the items.
So basically summing up your response, i can display envato items in any form i want, but at the time of transfering the license they will see it is template that was purchased from here. I think i will need to include everything in a receipt anyway, such as template, work, seo, deployment etc.

Ha ha definitely not trying to make anyone feel like a criminal!

We actually have 2 projects on the go now fixing what was “a bespoke build” that was actually Avada and Foundry themes from here so people annoyingly do behave incorrectly at times.

The main considerations fro you:

  • You can’t buy a template and host it without the demo bar somewhere “as is” or in its original format for a potential buyer to choose from so I am not sure how you would demo the sites without either buying a ton of templates and themes and heavily editing them first, using the envato demo or somehow linking directly to the authors demo site (which again would almost certainly not be legit).

  • The main issue I have with people buying on behalf of clients, even when telling them it’s a template is that I feel that they should have all the benefits of buying it themselves, and if you buy it then they will never be able to download any future updates etc. on their own as it will only be from your account.

Coincidentally we were asked to fix a file for someone this weekend. This issue was addressed already by the author and they would not need to hire us to do it if they could simply download the up to date version of the theme and plugin.

Also if clients are new buyers you could help them setup/buy the file in a new account and even use affiliates to benefit all parties.

I do understand the thought process and where you are coming from. We used to do a lot of work using TF files and found that in many cases it was actually better for you to be choosing the right file in the first place with clients needs in mind.