themes demo on their site

You can create a personal site and put the link to the themes presented on envato so that my clients can choose a theme and I purchase a license for them? Is there any method?

“And I purchase a license for them”… This kind of sounds like you want to re-sell themes from Envato for a mark up. Just use the Envato Affiliate Program:

Potentially depending on how many but either way it would be quicker and a million times easier to just show them the main demo.

Unless someone wants to withhold that it is a template/the cost etc. then why make life complicated?

Plus it is way better that the license is in their name.

In fact, I’d go to specify and to declare that it is a template. That is, I would say clearly that it is a model. However, how to buy a theme in your name? I can’t create an account for each customer?

Why not get them to create their own profile and just buy it for themselves?

If the license is in their name then you avoid any issues with licensing and file use plus should you not be able to/choose not to support their site forever then they can get updated versions/support etc. going forward

So I have to create an account for each customer envato at this point?
I thought that buying agencies on behalf of clients, providing them with the license number.

The question is this: can I create on my personal site to a page with a list of themes, like this:

etc etc

putting the link that appears when I click on “Remove Frame” ???

You can transfer license (within reason - ) but to get updated versions etc would in many cases require access to your account which is not ideal.

In terms of hosting demos on your site - technically it is perfectly possible but the only legal way to do this is with the authors permission, by buying the theme and installing it with demo content or as an affiliate

thanks. perfect