Do I need a website to sell themes on themeforest?

Good day. I’m new on the envato market and want to know how to go about selling themes, what is the best practice? When looking for themes on themeforest, I saw some authors showcase their product (demo) with details on a website, I don’t know if it’s their website (i.e. website for their theme business) or it’s just a platform on envato that enables them do so.

So I want to know if having a website where I can showcase my products is a good decision to help the business or it doesn’t matter or make any difference.

I will appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance and thanks so much.

You need your own website depends on the theme ( if you’re designer, no need for PSD ) but re-consider creating template for TF as the submission requirements is different now and check the all the details before submit the item.

Thank you so much for your quick reply, I was thinking I have to wait till maybe tomorrow or so before I will get any response.

Okay. I’ve noted that. I’m a designer/developer. Please what template for themeforest do I have to create. Sorry for asking any annoying question

You can choose any. I suggest you to start with PSD category first to understand how the system works first. If you can get the item approval, you can move to the next step and code it as HTML after

Okay. I think I understand your suggestion a bit. Will try to know more about this. Thank you so much, I appreciate your kind help