Disgraceful Support from Envato for Premium SEO

This is a disgrace, no licences codes for wordpress plugins particullary Premium SEO and no from support Envato either, I understand this has been raised in the past, and nothing has been done about it to add insult to injury you can’t get support off the plugin vendor AA-Team because you need a product code to submit a support ticked.

SEO Premium wont upgade without a license code and you are expected to FTP update, ok for one site, an absolutely unworkable for multiple sites. Add to that we use Google Managed Cloud and don’t turn on FTP for security, chosing to use WP File Manager instead.

There is no support offered with Elements (hence the low price). Maybe the Envato marketplaces, where the items are supported, would be more fitting to your needs?

Yes there is that is what they have a submit a request button at:


Beyond that point, you can’t get support from AA-Team the developer without a product key.

Items on Envato Elements typically won’t be able to automatically update because authors can’t secure their updates without purchase codes. Instead, you can manually update the plugin.

Due to the nature of Envato Elements, items do not come with any form of support from the authors, including access to automatic updates. This is the key difference between buying individual licenses on Envato Market and getting them through the subscription(Elements).

but for any query you can get in touch with Elements Support.


Thanks for the reply, problem is you need to do it from outsite the WP Dashboard, which is a huge amout of work on multiple sites just for one plugin.

While I understand I can’t use any of our auto update tools, and I would be happy to manually update via WP dashboard, this can’t be done.

Add to that we don’t provide FTP access on our sites for security and can only SSH which means issuing keys for every site the process needs to be improved by Envato.

Just for information purposes, I did contact Envato support and below is there reply.

"You don’t do this through the WP admin area at all, it’s all outside of WP:

You need to download the latest version of the plugin from Elements, unzip the files, and manually FTP the plugin folder up to your server.

That will overwrite the existing files and you will then be on the new version.

Unfortunately, this is what Elements subscribers need to do to update because of the way things currently are with bundled plugins, purchase codes etc."

From wp-admin without automatic update manually upload/install process not possible because already the plugin is installed and it can’t overwrite. So, just have 3 options:

  1. download latst version and upload using ftp
  2. delete the exisitng plugin from server and install again from wp-admin (not recommended)
  3. purchase the license from envato market and use automatic update

Thank You

So what do I pay US$200 to Envato for?

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Edit: All items on Envato Elements are created by independent authors. Due to this and the nature of our unlimited subscription, we cannot provide direct technical support or advice on the use of items.

For that price you are getting yearly unlimited download features. For any query you can ask directly to elements support. Thanks

I have asked Envato support, that was a quote from there support in my last post.

Can someone show me where it says the items are sold As is ?

They are sold with a licence and when you purchase software with a licence it should be fully functional.


I have edited my last reply and replaced the first paragraph.
You can find more information Here from official article.


You can find more about this here

Envato Elements does not provide technical support for any items
All items on Envato Elements are created by independent authors. Due to this and the nature of our unlimited subscription, we cannot provide direct technical support or advice on the use of items.
We do our best to ensure that items on Elements are of a high quality and free of any technical issues. All our authors are carefully reviewed and maintain a track record of creating error-free, high-quality assets.

And also at the bottom here - https://elements.envato.com/pricing

At the moment, Envato Elements is a subscription based system, meaning, yes, you pay $xxx per year for unlimited downloads. This doesn’t guarantee however, you get any form of support from the author on this, since, for example, a one month subscription that costs @$20, gets you access to files which normally cost double than that ( example, the plugin you’ve purchased: https://codecanyon.net/item/premium-seo-pack-wordpress-plugin/6109437 costs $44 normally)

However, if the item / plugin doesn’t work at all, doesn’t even allow you to use it with minimum features then I do recommend you contact Envato Elements Help and Support and let them know the plugin is completely broken, and it will be removed from Elements.

You are correct, that items that are on sale with your Elements Subscription must be functional. But in regards to support, that is not included. For the value included, in this subscription, support is just asking for too much in my humble opinion. We should also be realistic of the fact that for $200 per year (quoting your amount) you’re getting access to items worth in excess of $5.000.000. So the value is impossible to describe in words.

The representative from Envato also offered you a terrific idea. You can update the item manually using your FTP in the wp-content/plugins. If however, this is restricted, then the best alternative would be to go the classic way, purchasing a license from the author, and that will also offer you 6 month included support from them which will resolve your issue.


Nice fine print. Time for me to take this up with Fair Trading. Clearly deceptive conduct.

Nothing deceptive about it. It’s really not hidden anywhere… it’s right on the pricing page.

And where does it say no support or licence numbers. IE. Not a properly licenced software

For these sort of details you’ll have to get in touch with Envato Elements Help and Support. They are the only ones that can provide in-detail information about how Elements works.

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I have been in contact with them, hence my reason for this post, there support was disgraceful.

Hi, with respect if you have any more query to ask please get in touch elements support again and let them know they will be happy to answers and make clear your concerned query. In forum we are not expert in all area but support team members has expert in all required area and they will be happy to assist you. Hope you understand. Thanks

Thanks I will do that, and thank you for taking the time to reply. Once I get a reply I will share in this post hoping it may help others.


The point that @mytravelconsultant is making (and that I agree with), is not about author “support”—it’s the unwillingness of Envato Elements to not only make the UPDATE process easier, but even worse, the non-existence of update notifications period. The term “updates” should be stated & displayed separately from “support”. Even most SaaS platforms mention in their pricing terms, for example, that the monthly/yearly subscriptions includes “1 year of updates & support”, or they are mentioned on separate lines. They are not combined in one term. Even when we purchase items through Envato Market, and the SUPPORT window expires (after 6 months), we STILL receive UPDATES, and are NOTIFIED of said updates.

We do not need technical support regarding the themes/plugins, we just want ANY help in the workflow of updating the themes & plugins. I understand the value to this subscription business model, and the necessary distinction between Elements and Market. However, it is INEXCUSABLE for Envato Elements to willingly choose not to notify subscribers of ANY item updates. If we can’t auto-update… fine. But when items are updated, we should be notified. Period. If for nothing else but the safety & security of the entire web industry.

Just my two cents.

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If the author chooses to select the “notify buyers of update”.

It’s not Envato who updates the items. It’s the author. And currently Elements has no such update system implemented. You can find the item you have used on Elements on the marketplaces and check the update date to see when it was last updated.

Cheers! :slight_smile: