disapprove project, affter effects template. help please

They do not approve the project (template affter Effects) has already received a hard rejection 10 times, I don’t understand what is the reason, who can tell me the reason? Thanks!

The animations in general are of enough quality, but not “wow” or really goood. But the problem is that you’re submitting a very “nothing new” project to a super saturated category, where only exceptional projects get approved. It’s as if you took all the already used and abused glitch implementation ideas and mashed them all into one project. So you get a rejection.

A good glitch titles project would be unique, with a bit better animations, a bit more cohesive text design and layout (using the same font but different dynamic layouts, or matching and contrasting fonts), and a cohesive style/art direction. Now it’s a lot of different things, which can be a pack too, but it somehow ends ups untasteful and just a little bit too random.

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