Differences between Bakery Premium and Bakery Vanila themes

Hi guys! How are you doing? Well, I was looking for a theme to may bakery, and I found these two:
“Bakery Premium Wordpress Theme” and “Bakery - Vanila Cakery & Bakery HTML5 Template”

But I could´t realize what’s the diference between them by myself.

Would anyone give me a help?


  • The first one is built in WordPress CMS which gives you flexibility - basically using WordPress usually you don’t need to add any HTML, CSS, JS code as you can manage it through the WordPress dashboard.

  • The second one is a HTML template which does not come with a dashboard - so all the edits(modifications) needs to be done by editing HTML, CSS, JS files one by one. For this one, you need to know a bit of these 3x languages :slight_smile:

Hope this answer your question.

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Wow, amazing man. Your information was ery helpfull, thanks a lot @ThemeSLR :slight_smile:

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You are welcome!

Cheers :slight_smile: