Admin without Wordpress, Joomla,...


How do you know of there is a backend admin, without a system of wordpress, joomla, druppal,…?
Is there an admin page on this page?

No there isn’t - it’s just a HTML template not a CMS

Thank you Charlie.

Is there a similar template with admin but without CMS like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, …?

If you look on CodeCanyon there are various scripts where you can add (limited) CMS to site templates - the problem is that excluding the ones you list takes out the bulk of the best known ones.

Out of interest why don’t you want to use those?

Because those CMS systems limit you in my freedom. Wordpress is unwieldy, and I have insufficient knowledge of Joomla and Drupal.

With respect these limit you a LOT less than a basic or even a custom CMS but the self included options on codecanyon will be the closest thing to what you want

There are probably other restaurant theme out there that use Elementor (still WordPress though)

On the other hand: exist this script with wordpress? How else can I supplement the blog, modify form elements, …?

All WP restaurant themes are here

As soon as you start substituting features, combining templates or themes etc. you are immediately making life more complicated and almost certainly reducing performance

And what’s the difference between the:

  1. first one
  2. Second one

Is the second one with wordpress?


first one is html template where 2nd one is wordpress theme. Both Item are from the same Author.


I see different prices, but how much do the themes really cost?

  • I see the price of $ 16 / month at the top of the bar? Can you upload unlimited paid themes for free?

  • Nevertheless, I see 17- 29 for a regular license, but also see that an extended license costs 700 or 2200. Is that 17- 29 one-off or is that monthly?

  • And what happens if you pay 700 or 2200?

  • Can you extend those wordpress pages?

  • And what if you stop paying monthly? Can you no longer use that theme?

You need to be careful about this:

the subscription at $16 is for envato elements only. This is not access to the entire marketplace on ThemeForest.

there are WP themes here but these do not come with support or access to updates which you get when buying from Themeforest.

if you choose elements then you need to be subscribed when the project is completed (although the site will continue to work afterward) and remember there is no access to updates etc. in the future regardless of the status of your subscription.

the issue is that all WP themes on ThemeForest have ADP where authors can choose their price this means that, while most are around $50-$60 they will range from $20 to $100’s

regular .v. extended licenses make no difference except in the type of site where the theme can be used. Regular is fine for all unless users have to pay to access the site which requires an extended license.

You can extend any theme as you require but cannot then resell it on Envato or other stock marketplaces

Regardless of source or license you will still require a new unique license per site it is used on

If I buy this template: it’s without Magento. Can I later install Magento and other things for this template via Wordpress?

Which item?

Magneto is a completely different platform and combing the two is likely to create isises.

There are plenty of WordPress commerce solutions available but you should check in advance with the author that any theme is compatible if it’s not already included

Hello Charlie,

I mean the item on

Can I combine or expand this with a photo sales program?
Who is the author of this theme?