Deregister key and active on another website thegem

I want to change my activation key from one dummy website to my new website.
I tried to deregister the key from TheGem license manager and use it on my new website, but I still get the message: You have exceeded the max.
How can I do that? I want to use the previous code on my new website.


Thanks for your question. At Envato market item policy wise you can use each single license for each website. If you want to use that old theme license for a new website then you have to get/purchase another license or you can try after deactivate your old website license then try for new website.

Still any query then get help from your purchase item author @codexthemes



Thank you for your answer.
I think I bought the theme from Envato and got the code from them.
On TheGem documentation it explains:

By clicking on “Deregister” button you can deactivate the license for the selected installation

In this way you can “unlink” this license to use it on another installation.
But after the deregister, I can’t use it on another installation.

It’s kind of weird that we cannot change our websites and need to buy a new one each time.

Can you explain why did you flag my comment? As I said @freddymai you can deactivate license on one website and activate it on another website, maybe there is also condition that you should deactivate license and remove theme. Where am I wrong?

Hi, please provide your purchase code and your URL via our contact form at CodexThemes's profile on ThemeForest , thanx

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