Deregistering a Purchase Code - UNCODE

Hello, I’m moving my website from a different hosting and my UNCODE theme code doesn’t work on my new hosting “You have exceeded the maximum number of activations permitted for a single Purchase Code” I contact the author and they say:

"If you want to use your Uncode purchase code on a new domain (for example, when you are migrating or creating a new site), you will need to register your product on that domain. If you are trying to register Uncode on too many domains, you will be notified with the following message:
Under the Envato License Terms, if previous installations of Uncode are still active, you will need to in order to register and use Uncode on new sites. Alternatively, if previous installations of Uncode are no longer active, you will need to ‘deregister’ your product.

Deregistering a Purchase Code:
If your previous installations of Uncode are no longer active (and files are deleted from the server), and you want to use Uncode on a new domain, please send a message to our ThemeForest profile . Include your Purchase Code , and our team will unlock it so you can install Uncode on a new domain.

Hello @pschief

The instructions in the message you’ve posted are pretty clear. Just contact the author using the link on their profile and they will be able to assist. You’ll be up and running in no time :wink: