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If it’s not approved on Google Marketplace, noone is going to install the APK file from an unknown source. Maybe a video or more screenshots would be better.

1- Who said is not approved by the Google Play Store! I didn’t make the demo on the Play Store just the apk file like all the other authors on the platform, it’s seems you are not an Android dev!

Your link said. It’s not on Google Play.

2- These are the screenshots and please be helpful here!
Is it like to collect the points to open the lock? I mean, the design is not really good and typo is messy but beside that the idea of the “game” sounds like an actual job. I think you should find a better idea for the game category.

It’s not one of the category I’m working on it, you’re right but your latest item is a year old. Since then lots of things has changed and the quality of the marketplace has been upgraded. It’s not really hard to check the latest games and see the “quality differences”

In addition, it doesn’t mean that I’m not helpful if you don’t like the comments but be my guest. I hope someone else would recommend few other things to you, too. Good luck