Copyright violation

Last month I published a few html games on Codecanyon. But it was never sold. So I deleted it a few days ago and reinstalled it. (I lowered the price and fixed a few bugs.) Now all my games have been rejected. It says it’s copyrighted but that’s bullshit, I’ve already uploaded it. And they’re all my own games. Please help me.


One of the team will hopefully help you. However, you would probably do best to contact Envato Support who will help you with this.

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You are not allowed to resubmit deleted items which may have set off issues

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As @charlie4282 stated, you’re not allowed to delete/upload the same items. This is a main issue with your item rejections that the reviewers don’t want to deal with double posting. If you kept doing this earlier as well and if they noticed, probably you’re on the “blacklist”

So, even if I make a new game, I won’t be able to upload it?

Not exactly sure what the problem is, hard to say as “forum members” you need to contact Envato support.

Hi @pose1233,

You are never allowed to resubmit (as a new Item) your own deleted items. But you can create a new game/item and submit/upload it for review.


In case of you need the deleted item back, you can contact Envato support, they will check the item again and if it’s worth to activate, they may able to do it on behalf.