How can this item get accepted to codecanyon?

I see new codes on codecanyon and surprised.
Author gives apk file, not the source code.
And I wonder how it was accepted by site admins…
Here s the screenshot of it.

hummmm yeahhh strange… :neutral_face:

For me this isn’t strange, because when you try to upload an Android app, you can submit the .apk only. I’m sure if that app has a minimum of quality/functionality, then it can be approved :slight_smile: .

In that case, the author of that app only added screenshots because you can’t preview an apk, you need to install it in yout phone.

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Sure. Totally agree with that… but, as a script it should provide the source code. Isn’t CodeCanyon all about?
If it was a service, it should be applied over Envato Studio, or am I missing something here?

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Yes, You are right, CodeCanyon should be 100% about code, but as this is a marketplace, (that category Mobile->Android) means the same thing as Google Play Store, where you can buy or download android apps :slight_smile: , but not their code.

Well, i agree with that too! :smiley:
Best regards guys and have a nice christmas! :wink:

One of the rules of CodeCanyon was that you sell code, not a product, no matter what category. Unless this was changed, of course. And with the worsening Envato Support site, I’ve given up on looking for these rules.

I believe, he’s not giving away the source code for the PHP codes. You need to purchase the source code separately

It’s just broken English

That doesn’t make much sense… because for CodeCanyon is all about selling code for other developers to use, or something like that… And selling a conceived product doesn’t make much sense. If taht developer wanted to sell the product he could probably sell it at Play Store, or something like that.
But as @ThemeSLR replied, there is a marketplace who does sell products like Play Store. And Its true that this category exists inside the CodeCanyon Marketplace as an individual Category.
Well, we’ll leave it like it is, and we won’t change the rules… :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Best regards for you all guys :wink:

He has to share the codes. If you think there’s a problem, you can contact the author or Envato for clarification