Your demo APK is not working well

Hello my friends. I’ve uploaded an (android) component to codecanyon and I’m getting a notice (Your demo APK is not working well).

  • The item works up to Android 12.
  • I have tried it on several versions and have not had any problems.
  • Can you try my item and help me figure out the problem.

Demo Link

It’s not safe to download an APK file out of Google Marketplace. In addition to that your reviewer already gave proper details about what you need to improve. They didn’t mention it’s not working, they mentioned it’s not working well. Probably some “freezing” issues and/or something else you’re missing it.

The references did not provide any other details.
There are no other details provided by the references only this notice.
Could the problem be with the download link?
But I have items that were accepted without any problems and I use the download from .
Is it ok to change to

You should upload the APK file to Google Marketplace, it’s related to the safety, not related to the where you upload the file.

You can create a ticket and ask additional details.

The problem has been resolved .
I made some modifications to the code.
Thanks !