Codecanyon rejected Android app

Today I m received a email from codecanyon reviews team.
My yesterday uploaded product rejected. Reason was “quality”.

I create a application that fetch WordPress blog post and user can read all post . And also user get daily grammar vocabulary quiz and daily 10 new word

One best feature user read content if not know any word meaning then tab on word then showing full meaning of that selected word.

Here is demo can you please check. What’s need to resumbit.

[apk removed by moderator]

As the file is not on the Google Store, I have doubts if anyone would install it on their phone considering the security issues ( Do not take it personally ) but if you send some screenshots, I would like to check the details.

It’s nothing new to offer as you can get a free app for that, in addition

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Yes @wpwala, please upload screenshots or share a Play Store link. Installing APK files from other sources is dangerous. :wink:

Please check

Screenshot-2020-04-04-18-06-48-994-com-app-mukeshScreenshot-2020-04-04-18-07-16-209-com-app-mukeshScreenshot-2020-04-04-18-07-30-533-com-app-mukesh Screenshot-2020-04-04-18-20-52-436-com-app-mukesh

Except the coding, the design is not good enough and too basic for a paid item. Consider to use better design interface.