Cyber Monday FAQs and Terms

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How and when will I be told if my item(s) are chosen to be on the landing page?**

  • We will contact all authors whose items are selected for promotion on the landing page by 11 November 2017.

What if my item isn’t chosen to be on the landing page?**

  • We will only contact authors whose items have been selected for promotion on our campaign page. However, we anticipate an increase in traffic to all marketplaces, so you can still participate by managing in your item price onsite if you wish.

What if I want to withdraw my nomination?**

  • If you’ve changed your mind, simply flag your nomination comment and let us know that you want to withdraw your item from consideration.

If my item is selected will it remain on the landing page throughout the entire promotion?**

  • Probably! We’ll be periodically reviewing the page to make sure we’re putting our best foot forward in promoting great deals for our customers. Items which don’t meet the promotional criteria will be removed from the promotion (but will of course remain for sale on Envato Market), plus to maintain a cohesive ‘look and feel’ we reserve the right to add or remove items from the landing page for any reason in our sole discretion.

Could you remind me again of the item requirements?**

ThemeForest Items > 4+ star rated and with 50+ sales
CodeCanyon Items > 4 star rated and with 25+ sales
GraphicRiver Items > 4 star rated and with 30+ sales

We are not looking for AudioJungle and VideoHive nominations - our Quality Specialists will be handpicking items from these marketplaces.

How are items selected?**

  • All items nominated must meet the criteria selection listed above. Items for the promotional page will then be chosen by the Envato Marketing team.

Who is responsible for changing the price of items?**

  • We’ll automatically apply the 50% discount to the selected files just before the campaign goes live. You may want to leave a discount in place after the promotion or to manually return the price to its original level or a different price altogether. It’s entirely up to you :slight_smile:

  • After the promotion finishes, you may want to leave a discount in place, manually return the price to its original level, or set a different price altogether. As with all pricing decisions under our Author-Driven Pricing policy, that’s entirely up to you.

From our lawyers:

We retain sole discretion over the files we promote, and we may change the content and format of the promotion (including which files are promoted) during the promotion in order to ensure it remains fresh and generally irresistible to recipients.

Any other questions?

  • If you’ve got any related questions, just reply to this forum topic :slight_smile: Everything you post here will be read by our team. Anything pertinent and/or important will be added to the FAQs, and we’ll post updates when new questions and answers have been added.

Please feel free to sing out with any other questions below.


Ok - maybe a silly question. Can we submit regular 3 Cyber Monday nominations PLUS 3 more headline nominations (6 total)? Or can we only submit 3 nominations total between the two? Just want to be clear and submit more items if allowed :wink:

Not a silly question at all - there’s a limit of three nominations per category, so you can nominate 3 headline items, and another 3 for ThemeForest :slight_smile:

Headline spots are extremely limited though, so no author will have more than one item selected for that category.

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Hello, I’ve sent nomination form 10 days ago however forgotten to add link on board. Is there a way to add my item’s link somehow or is it too late? I wanna join on this campaign. Sorry for my bad.

Thanks so much @BenLeong - a couple new questions though since the announcements have gone out.

First, the email doesn’t specify if an item was selected as a headline promotion. If that’s the only category an item was nominated to is it safe to assume that it is in fact a headline item?

And when will those folks find our which day/timeframe their item “will be featured in a prominent spot on the relevant landing page for some duration of the Cyber Monday campaign” (quoted from the headline submission page)?

Thanks so much!

@WPExplorer I’ll check with the team - I think the Headline Item announcements will be going out to those authors today, as the nomination lists were still being reviewed last Friday.

More info coming soon!

Update: @matthewcoxy has just notified all Headline Item authors, via the email address used in the nomination form. If you have been selected for a Headline promotion spot, you should now have an email containing more details.

The notification email should answer any questions about how the headline spot will work in your marketplace, and what will happen during the campaign.

Thanks so much!

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Hi all!

I’ve been receiving a lot of similar questions via email and private message - I have been informed that all confirmation notices have been sent out (for regular and Headline items on the Cyber Monday landing page), so anyone who hasn’t received a confirmation email should assume their item is not part of this campaign.

Competition was intense this year - for example, ThemeForest alone had over 450 items nominated. Competition for the Headline spots (only ~5 headline items per marketplace) was even more so, with almost 200 items nominated for that category.

I don’t have any more insight into why specific items were (or were not) included in the landing page, as those decisions were made by our marketplace specialists and the Marketing Campaigns team. If you weren’t selected, that’s definitely not a judgement on the quality of your work - it’s purely down to the selection criteria that our team used for that campaign.

@BenLeong and @matthewcoxy hey - we’re a bit confused. Why are the featured items not included in the main section? All deals should be listed below correct?