Get Social Campaign: FAQ's and Terms

How and when will I be told if my item(s) are chosen to be on the landing page?

We will contact all authors whose items are selected for promotion on the landing page by 30 November 2017.

What if my item isn’t chosen to be on the landing page?

We will only contact authors whose items have been selected for promotion on our campaign page. However, we anticipate an increase in traffic to all marketplaces, so you can still participate by managing in your item price onsite if you wish.

What if I want to withdraw my nomination?

If you’ve changed your mind, simply flag your nomination comment and let us know that you want to withdraw your item from consideration.

If my item is selected will it remain on the landing page throughout the entire promotion?

Probably! We’ll be periodically reviewing the page to make sure we’re putting our best foot forward in promoting great deals for our customers. Items which don’t meet the promotional criteria will be removed from the promotion (but will of course remain for sale on Envato Market), plus to maintain a cohesive ‘look and feel’ we reserve the right to add or remove items from the landing page for any reason in our sole discretion.

Could you remind me again of the item requirements?

CodeCanyon Items > 4 star rated and with 40+ sales
GraphicRiver Items > 4 star rated and with 20+ sales
AudioJungle Items > 20 Sales
VideoHive Items > 30 sales

How are items selected?

All items nominated must meet the criteria selection listed above. Items for the promotional will then be chosen by the Envato Marketing team.

Who is responsible for changing the price of items?

All item prices will be automatically changed at the beginning of the Get Social sale, on the 4th of December (AEDT).

For ADP Categories (CodeCanyon and GraphicRiver) it will (as always) be up to the author to decide whether you leave a discount in place, manually return the price to its original level, or set a different price altogether. As with all pricing decisions under our Author-Driven Pricing policy, that’s entirely up to you.

For Non-ADP Categories (AudioJungle and VideoHive) we will automatically return your item price to the previous state.

Any other questions?

If you’ve got any related questions, just reply to this forum topic :slight_smile: Everything you post here will be read by our team. Anything pertinent and/or important will be added to the FAQs, and we’ll post updates when new questions and answers have been added.


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