Customize colors and fonts by using CSS code

I am trying to customize the background color for the specs table titles as you can see in the attached image, but the problem is when I use CSS code the changes are not applied to the published post, knowing that the changes appear to the Chrome developer while editing it…!
Note: I used the code in the theme template and in the box provided for that in the plugin, but to no avail, please help
thank you.

Have you tried refreshing the browser window and clearing cache? I also know myself when one of our servers switched to NGINX Caching I had to switch it off when doing any development because it kept loading the cached site.

Thank you for your interest
Yes, I have cleared the cache, more than once, and opened the article in a hidden browsing window but to no avail…

is this the right box to insert CSS code?


I’m offline tonight now, but DM me your website link so I can look it at tomorrow for you. I would guess it is a custom CSS line that needs adjusting or put on the CSS files themselves but I can look at it tomorrow and see if I can assist. Have a nice evening.

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It’s overwrite issue, just add !important to the end.


thank you for your interest,
I have tried it, but unfortunately did not work, I expect that there is something in the plugin that prevents this however, the developer does not respond to messages to help me with that…

Where can I send the website link to you?
Thank you in advance


I’ve sent you a message on the forum - you should see it.

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Hi, You can try to contact author support section. Author support team help you.

Which item you have purchased ?

I suggest you can search same in the Google browsers many tutorials are available for learning html,css related. Because please can you try to understand this is not complete training platform.

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