CSS changes not updating on Website

Hi All,

I am trying to make some basic changes to my Inovado template.

I am technical but new to Wordpress.

Any changes I make in Styles.css in the Wordpress editor are not appearing on the site. Changes I made to the ThemeFooter CSS file do appear.

Also, I figured that there were some CSS files I was not seeing in Wordpress… so I sftp’d the site and found what I thought I was looking for… but after I make the updates to the CSS files, nothing updates on the website.

I was trying to update the color of the Header style 2 and the HR styles. Cleared browser cache and waited a day, still nothing.

I updated the files at wp-content/themes/inovado/framework/inc

Am I updating the right files to make live changes to my site?

Theme specific queries need to go to the author.

You have no buyer badge on this acocunt and will need to sign in using the account which purchased the theme for the author to verify it before they will be able to help

I purchased as guest, because the site was giving me issues with the account I created.

See Request #739242… had issues with my account and purchased as guest (with cte1984@gmail.commailto:cte1984@gmail.com).

The specific theme is irrelevant.

This is more of a generic question about modifying back-end CSS files that are not available to edit in WordPress

You may still need the purchase code from the purchase to get their support access. Links to that would be in conformation email

I re-registered with the email I purchased with…

How do I go to the author with questions?