Unknown CSS, mobile/tablet optimization?

I recently got back into working on my site code after a 3 year hiatus. I am trying to understand the origins of the CSS code here– whether it’s from theme updates (Flatsome w/ child), plugins, GUI customizations, or my own manual adding. I’ve used GPT for explaining it, and it appears to be for mobile/tablet optimization and responsivity.

I don’t remember adding any of it since I never really worried about mobile or tablet responsivity – it was something I was going to do in the future, but as you can see, there are multiple blocks. Perhaps I read a thread somewhere about mobile responsivity, and I was persuaded into adding it to my custom CSS. That is my best guess, but I am hoping someone with much better expertise can give me their best guess.

Just hoping to clean things up so I don’t get too left behind on the code for my own site!

A moderator (t-p) over at WP forums thinks it’s likely from my theme, and directed me to ask here. I think it makes sense, but at the same time, I would think this CSS wouldn’t be in “additional CSS” but instead in a more core file somewhere. Thank you!

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