Custom Licenses

Hey guys, I have been a VideoHive author for a while now and have worked in the Motion Graphics world for some time. I am currently working on a website/company that will offer creative content packages for download. The packages will include graphics, animations, etc.

I wanted to reach out to Audiojungle authors, mainly non-exclusive, and discuss custom licensing for these projects. I have a lot more of information I can share for those interested. If you are exclusive but have a larger library outside of AJ, then that works too. Feel free to add a comment and we can talk more in depth about it.

I am grateful to be a part of an organization like Envato where we can make a living from doing what we love. Thank you guys for providing such great music for us video/motion graphics artists. What you guys do elevates our work to another level and I am forever grateful. I hope to hear from you soon.


Hello! I have an exclusive author, but I have a portfolio and on other sites, “not exclusive”.

Thanks TimTaj, Can you send me an email with links to your other libraries? You have a lot of music with a corporate vibe. Do you specialize in any other style? Thank you for your response! We can talk more through email.


I write mostly “Corporate, Electronic, Pop,” but it’s a start!

I wrote to you in the mail

weird. didn’t get a separate email. Try again when you get a chance. Or also try

Hi @alex_watson, I’m interested in hearing more about this. I sent you an email. Thanks - Mike