Music licensing on Motion Graphic

Hi All,

A newbie question here - I’ve just created a motion graphic with the intention of selling it on Videohive. What are the music licensing rules that apply here?

I’m looking to use the music on the mp4 (and I might also add to working files).

Do I need to purchase a standard license to do this? Do I only need to include a note/links to who owns the music copyright?

Any help would be much appreciated.

You can use the preview version of the track without permission, as long as you credit the track and provide a link to it in your item description. You can’t include the track in the downloadable main file whichever license you buy.

Not sure if the ‘get permission and buy an extended license’ rule would work, as there are no extended licenses on AudioJungle, you’d be providing the track pretty much ‘as is’, and I’m no expert on AudioJungle stuff.