Current Review Queue for PSD

I do not hurry :slight_smile:


Hi +1.
That’s not good

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LOL. And I was working really hard on promo for the last day to be prepared when item gets accepted. Please, just remove that site if it’s so inacurrate.


I agree, it is just misleading.

Be optimistic, perhaps they are delaying the review because they see it’s good and want to consult a colleague for an alternative opinion?

As far as my experience goes, quick responses usually lead to hard rejections.

No. If they delayed the review, it would be seen in the dashboard (Delayed for further Review).

Quick response leads to less painful process, nothing to do with rejections whatsoever. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not angry about review times, but if you make this kind of site, you need to keep it updated - even if that means someone manually goes through the queue and updates the chart. Otherwise it looks poorly executed and gives bad impression of the whole marketplace.

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Hi torbara,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

There does appear to be an issue with the turnaround time for some categories on the site.
We have notified our dev team and they will be looking to resolve this problem as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience while we correct this issue.


+1 the same matter