missing queued flyer in the dashboard and no message from reviewing teams

hi for the first time ever, one of my item has disappeared from the dashboard after nearly 7 days of waiting and i did not get any notification from reviewing teams (i also check ed the spam folder). Can anybody tell me what happened pls?

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If you didn’t find the item on your Hidden Tab then you can contact author support to know what happened. Note: sometimes review email can be some delay to receive, so you can wait for today, then open ticket. Thanks

hi thank u very much for your answer , indeed, this is the very first time that i experience just this and as for i know i am not concerned by the restricted submission number and anyway i have clearly not posted 10 items during this month

I also waiting more days my flyers one 6 days and other 5 days :frowning:

queuing time seems to be 7 days Jeri …

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:

thank u for your help buddy, indeed, i just received the notification that my item was rejected thanks for your help

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Sorry! to know your item rejected. but best luck for next item(s).


this is hard rejected … speechless!

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your flyer is very nice I don’t understand because you flyer halloween was hard rejected…

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