Delay in Review

Hello Friends!
I’ve submitted a desktop application to the apps category and it’s been in queue for 12 days so far and it was showing Review Turnaround as 1 day when I submitted it and now it shows Review Turnaround as 3 days for new items on this url:

Anybody experiencing such issues or is my submission stuck and I should delete and resubmit again?

Things don’t get lost in queue, you’ll just need to wait until they review it. The problem with the website is that it only updates the turnaround times when items get reviewed, so if they stop actioning items for a while, it won’t update to reflect that.

Times are indicative only, based on the average wait time for each site over the last 7 days.

I understand that but the number is way off. It was showing as 1 day for review and now 3 days for review but items has been waiting for 12 days that’s why I was wondering if something is wrong with the item.

I understand, but it’s getting updated and numbers are changing but the waiting time for me is way off the number that is shown there. It’s showing 3 now and I’ve been waiting for 12 days that’s why I am wondering if there’s something wrong.

The time on that page is not reflective of reality and should not be used to judge whether something is wrong with the review process. As I mentioned, it only updates based on historical item reviews, and always shows a very wrong number whenever the queue halts for some time (reviewers can go on vacation etc).

If your submission is still showing as queued for review in the dashboard, then there’s nothing to worry about and you’ll just need to wait until they get to it. Sometimes one reviewer will also wait for a second opinion from another reviewer which can delay things further.

Thanks! Your input it highly appreciated and clears all doubts.

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