CSS Social Buttons product was rejected


My product was rejected and I will be grateful if you can give me some advice, because right now I don’t know which is the problem.


Thank you in advance and all suggestions are good.

Hi @boobo94,
I think your product has been rejected, because you are not maintaining the original FontAwesome css.
Your work seems to be nice, but if you are using an existing font library you can’t rename it as it be your own font. You need to maintain the credits to the owner creator.
This is my opinion, but let some moderator to give extra advices on this.
Best regards.

I think you are right. Thank you very much for your quick reply.

I don’t think the design is up to standard. The CSS category needs good design, yours is very simple.

Hi Bailey,

Do you think this should be the problem ? I mean, no offense, but in the marketplace are more others with low quality than my product and this is disappointing, because I spent some time creating this.

Thank you for your time replaying to me.

Do you think the rejection having this message:

Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Eli Social Buttons CSS” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

Can be caused by:

  1. I didn’t specified the third party plugins that I use creating my product
  2. I uploaded the archive for live preview but I didn’t specified a link for that
  3. I didn’t renamed the preview images as in the example, like ‘00_preview0.png’

I’m still waiting for an official reply, I’m not comfortable at all, because are a lot of css buttons in marketplace with more simple idea and implementation than my product, I checked those products and because I respect their work, I don’t want to add any reference here.

Can someone from the Envato stuff send me an official reply with a more descriptive solution than ‘isn’t at the quality standard’, which is that quality standard, how can I measure that, I don’t understand ?