Credit Issue

I’m currently having an issue with a Customer Service Agent/Rep. He absolutely refuses to grant me a refund on a theme has induced a list of issues. Honestly, I don’t want a refund, I want a credit. I simply want my domain to shine as it should. I feel like purchasing a theme that cost close to a hundred dollars, should work as it’s described.

I’m wondering if I’m the only person dealing with this issue, or issues like this.

Assuming the theme issues fall into the refund policy I can; think why they would not issue either a refund/credit return.

What reason are they giving for rejecting your claim?

They are asking me to go through the process of reaching out to the author(which was done), and furthermore, they’re seemingly making the refund process arduous for the buyer. Such is n’t the way you treat someone who spent nearly $100.00 on a theme(obliviously there is an area of care and regard exuded amid the price I paid). Truth be told, I don’t want a refund, I want a credit to buy a new theme to sorta compare to what I’ve purchased. It feels and seems like Envato is hating on an entrepreneur in an area that they once helped me shine amid. Personally, I think and hope it’s one person that’s causing the rift.

I’m assuming the author is not replying to you? Otherwise they can issue a refund potentially.

Without knowing all the issues etc it’s impossible to advise but I can’t imagine why if you share a screenshot of when you tried to contact the author without a reply then envato wouldn’t refund you (which may be on the form of credits anyhow based on how you paid originally).